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It’s been a while since I last posted and it’s been on my mind to do so.  If you remember, Scooby is a young German Shepherd, front leg Tripawd.  He’s about 18 months old now and very much a puppy.  He had the extra leg removed, I think in February of 2016.  He gets around the house, goes on walks, up and down stairs, easily navigates hardwood floors, spends the day at doggie daycare on occasion.

We’ve also made a few changes!  We moved from a house in the city on a hill (aka stairs) to a 3 acre flat lot in the country.  He really loves chasing that ball long distances with no asphalt to drag his face on to stop.  Here are our current challenges, with some just being German Shepherd problems.

Challenge #1: Tripawd Problem.  Getting enough exercise without him hurting himself.  He really loves chasing a ball.  Problem is, his front leg brakes are not adequate to slow down and he uses his face to stop.  If this happens to be near concrete or pavement, it wreaks havoc on his face and rear elbows.  The new house has helped a lot.  He does stop and rest quite a bit.  I’m trying to just walk him around the property without the ball so he doesn’t act maniacal about the ball.

Challenge #2: GSD Problem.  Stop chasing the cats.  I think this falls into the “normal dog” category, but it shows that he’s mostly a normal dog.  He will not leave my cats alone.  I think I’m going to need a professional dog trainer.

Challenge #3:  GSD Problem.  He doesn’t like our new puppy Shaggy.  He’s a 10 week old male, and Scooby pretty much wants to kill him.  I’m hunting a behaviorist that can help with GSD problems, waiting on one to call me back actually.

I have a few more comments.

Let me make a comment about harnesses.  I bought one, and a sling, when he first had his surgery.  I had both on him once, and was a complete waste of time.  I’m not saying it’s useless for some tripawds, but he really doesn’t need one.  The harness also makes him hot.

Dog problems are dog problems.  Scooby is reaching adulthood at about 17 months old.  He feels good so he’s stubborn.  Hopefully the dog trainer can give us some exercises to do to keep him busy.

Anyhow, here’s a video of Scooby catching a ball in slow motion.  He’s so good at catching a ball, you can throw one past him and he’ll jump with it and catch it out of the air.  He’s very nimble.  He can even trot sideways since his leg isn’t in the way.





Izzie and Scooby

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